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Sometimes in traveling I encounter people at a time or in a place that makes for an interesting "portrait". These represent casual meetings with people of interest to me.
Art in His Bookstore - Charlottesville, VA - 2017Boy with Bike on Tennis Court - Hartford, KS - 2019Carlos in the Pinole Blue Kitchen - Wichita, KS - 2019College Girls from Memphis Along the Tennessee River - Chattanooga, TN - 2015Couple before the Hockey Game - Nashville, TN - 2015Couple from Tennessee - Florida - 2016Florida Fan on Wallace Wade - Tuscaloosa, AL - 2014Night Club Dancers - Orlando, FL - 2016Daniel Waits for His Wife at the Thrift Store - Birmingham, AL - 2014Deon at the Gym Training for His First Pro Fight - Tuscaloosa, AL - 2016Passenger & Flight Attendant Somewhere over Southwest USA - 2013Frank in Front of the Six Pence Restaurant - Savannah, GA 2015Couple from Atlanta with Their Dog - Panama City, FL - 2013Lady from Houston - Florida, - 2015Greg at the Gig in Nelson County - Virginia - 2018Former Gang Member Waiting Tables - Sedona, AZ - 2014Couple Headed to a Fellow Bikers Funeral - Russellville, AR - 2019Security Hyatt Hotel - Philadelphia, PA 2016Mr. E in His Efficiency Apartment - New Mexico - 2019Jeff in the Cafe Kitchen - Birmingham - 2015