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Photographer Jay Maisel defines a good photo within the bounds of "light, gesture and color". A good photo to him is a cocktail of these three, but it is a cocktail that can be mixed with varying amounts of each ingredient in almost unlimited possibilities.

Light to me is the most important of the three because it makes or breaks both color and black and white photographs.

Color itself can be either present or absent. In fact many times color gets in the way of the story that a photo can tell. It can confuse and cover up the important details in a picture. That is why in an age of cameras that capture great color, black and white photography continues to flourish.

Gesture seems like a human characteristic, but might be more clearly defined as a positioning of the subject and its surroundings. It relates to humans, animals, buildings and other inanimate objects.

Time marches on, but a photograph can stop it in a magical kind of way. It mimics a moment and allows you to relive and share like no other medium can. 

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Cliff Brane